Denise Brinkman

Title Page


Family yearBook Design

Below are some examples of title pages that my clients have added into their family yearbooks!

Send me your text at any point between now and when your yearbook interior design is approved.

You are responsible for proofreading your own spelling and grammatical errors. I plan to insert your text as submitted. Edits to these text pages won't count against the 3 free revision rounds you get for the interior design.

I'm also open to other title page ideas you may have!

Basic title page

Year Summary (200-300 total words)

Monthly bullet points (About 8-20 words per month)

Simplified bullet points (10-15 total bullet points with less than 10 words each)

Monthly sentences (About 15-40 words per month)

Baby birth stats

Starting on a photo page (With Shutterfly it must be a square page. With my pro lab, it can be a full spread)

Add On: Journaling

$25 additional purchase

  • Add custom journaling captions to the lower right corner of every spread.

  • 15-60 words per spread (maximum of 3 lines, each line is about 100 characters or 20 words)

  • Upgrade your yearbook with journaling for $25