Denise Brinkman



Family yearBook Design

Compare two popular choices:

Denise's Professional Lab

Shutterfly Deluxe Layflat

Thicker pages

Thinner pages

Fine art matte paper

Photographic paper with a slight shine

Cover options: Photo, Luxury Linen, Leather

Cover options: Photo only

Sharp & crisp detail quality

Less sharp detail quality

Color: Lighter, less saturated

Color: Darker, vividly saturated

Contains no bar codes or branding

Contains bar codes on the back cover

and the inner last page

Denise handles it ALL! (uploading, purchasing, printing, inspection, shipping)

Denise uploads it to Shutterfly.

You add it to your cart and check out.

Consistently $297

Regularly $400, but if you wait for sales and coupons, you may get it around $100

Or I can customize to another printer or product type, just let me know what you had in mind.

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Comparing my pro lab & Shutterfly

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Pro Lab Cover Options

If you print through my professional lab,

here are your cover choices: